Tapered Shorts: Zuva Edition 2024

Tapered Shorts: Zuva Edition 2024 - Zuva

Tapered shorts have been with us since the very beginning which has embodied the energy of contemporary design for the Zuva brand. Inspired by a form-fitting look and feel, the tapered creation is a way of styling both activewear and athleisure. 

What makes them so unique? 

With a focus on fitment, the unique element of the shorts comes primarily from the aesthetic of how the shape around your quads, enhancing your overall aesthetic - meaning they accentuate how your body looks. 

Why are they popular

Nearly five years since we released the original design of the shorts back in 2018 under a different name (iLIFT). From this era we have continued to sell the men’s tapered shorts to a wide audience, whom to this day are still continuing to re-order pairs. 

So what really makes them popular? Well, it’s a combination of being the only design that holds a particular style and shape to being the only pair of shorts you cannot buy in traditional retail stores. 

Here’s a few reviews to let you in on what some customers think of them: 

Matthew - “Comfortable and durable ! A great casual option”

Darren - “These shorts are amazing, great fit, short material, true to size”

Timothy - “Great fit and feel great on lots of movement with no riding up”

The Material 

Made of a unique blend of elastane and cotton, the composition is purely for enhanced fitment and comfort. 

4-Way Stretch Fabric

Our blend of fabric is designed with french terry knit with one side being smooth (outside) and the other being looped for a soft, plush texture for the ultimate comfort and support. It’s midweight - allowing great breathability and flexibility to keep you comfortable. 

The overall benefits

  • Stretchy and comfortable fit for ease of motion.
  • Zip up pockets for securing your valuables. 
  • Interruption-free support 
  • Functional waistband which allows for the ultimate comfort whilst remaining supportive of the hips, avoiding any sagging and pulling.  

Their features

  • Stretch with and around your legs. 
  • Reflective drawcords with metal barrel tips
  • Metal eyelet rings for longevity and durability
  • Thicker weight than average shorts 
  • Can downsize for a more fitted look whilst remaining comfy

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