Choosing the Perfect Gym Shorts: What Defines The Ideal Fit When Training?

Choosing the Perfect Gym Shorts: What Defines The Ideal Fit When Training? - Zuva

Can't figure out what type of shorts to train in?

Well, you are not alone!

Most male fitness enthusiasts struggle with this and find it hard to cop the perfect fit whilst looking good in a training atmosphere. Between fitted shorts, relaxed and baggy, it can become a paradox of choice.


So how do you figure it out?

Before picking any activewear shorts, the first thing you will need to do is to work out how your body physique compares to the average body type. If you are bigger or well below the average male when it comes to shape and size, then there are styles of shorts that will need to be considered before purchasing. This way you will be able to gauge the type of fitment you seek and whether it is true to size or above/below.

There are various types of gym shorts available, to mention a few there are running shorts, athletic shorts (performance), casual training shorts and compression. In this instance we will uncover two styles of shorts which will fall under a broader category of choice.


Picking between a more fitted style of shorts

Some questions to consider with form-fitting bottoms (i.e. Gym Shorts):


  1. Do you like the look of tight fitting shorts?
  2. Can you imagine yourself wearing them in an active environment?
  3. Do you currently wear them casually?
  4. Are they even comfortable to wear?
  5. Will they give me confidence when training?
  6. Will I be judged?
  7. Will they end up tearing when moving?
  8. How will my legs look wearing them?
  9. Are there any mobility restrictions?
  10. How will I be able to style them?
  11. Which kicks will they go with?
  12. Do they dry quickly?

In a nutshell, the questions outlined will give you a more in depth understanding of how you will make your decision without being limited to subjective constraints.

When it comes to this style they can often be mistaken for an undersized garment and may not appear to be properly fitting - the truth is that this can be the case with some brands who advertise incorrectly. It’s always good to check product size charts to ensure they are within your measurements.

Choosing relaxed fitting training shorts

Here are some questions which will help you shed more light on your decision for choosing a more relaxed look and feel:

  1. Will they get in the way of my workout if they are too baggy?
  2. Can I style them with a fitted shirt?
  3. Will they be easier to train in?
  4. How low will they sit above my knees?
  5. Can I pick a relaxed style that is closer to fitted?
  6. What is the fabric made up of and is it breathable?
  7. Is it ideal for performance or is it more for looks?

So what defines proper gym shorts?

In short, the answer is anything that is designed to help your body breathe and stay at a temperature right for the environment and has more advanced features to help facilitate a better workout.

It can be overwhelming with a huge amount of styles to choose from but at the same time, it’s best to stick with technical objective reasons, such as fabric compression and breathability, stretch capability and wicking components.

Ultimately this decision will come down to your personal preference and doesn't have to be a particular way - as long as you are comfortable with your fit, then there is no right or wrong way. 

Always remember that comfort is everything, but style is the world!

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