The Inside Story of The Insane Rebrand

The Inside Story of The Insane Rebrand - Zuva

We went from one name to another and it was absolutely insane! Changing our brand twice in the space of 2 years nearly drove us insane. 

Having to relabel and reskin all aspects of our business was a difficult and challenging experience which ultimately forced us to level up and evolve into a solid brand that represents more than just activewear for men. 

Let’s just start from the beginning

What started out as an activewear label, iLIFT Activewear in 2018, transformed into a brand that represented more than just physical wellbeing. Lyve (established in 2021) was created with the intent of driving awareness for living in the moment. During this development stage and apparel release, we faced an unfortunate trademark hurdle which put us in a position to rethink how we can share our vision with Australian’s.

Without going into the ocean depths of information, we had to rebrand and change our name. With extensive workshops and brainstorming sessions with the team, we were able to come up with a name that was highly unique to us and our community - ZUVA. 

Fun fact: Did you know that we have been around for nearly 5 years! 

So what does Zuva actually mean? 

The name ‘Zuva’ has a true meaning behind it and comes from an African origin which means day/sunlight. Ultimately, the name itself represents the embodiment of energy and luminance. 

Why did we go with this name? 

Across the globe, people are always looking for vibrant elements that give off an energetic vibe that allows exploration and challenge.
This is why Zuva exists; to bring light to those who seek personal luminance.

The core meaning of Zuva

How do you pronounce Zuva? 

Proper pronunciation: ZOO-vah

What type of apparel will Zuva sell?

The clothing range is a hybrid between Athleisure and Activewear. Most designs are created for comfort and looks, whilst some elements provide performance features. In a nutshell, Zuva offers a diverse range of Fashion-Focused Activewear  which can be worn as an everyday staple.


Did we change any of our quality?

There are countless ways to measure quality in the clothing industry, however, at Zuva we strive to design and develop clothing that is durable and wearable from a daily perspective. As a foundation of this, we ensure that each and every product has a particular benefit and feature that allows you to feel the utmost comfort whilst upholding a higher standard of quality. 

In a nutshell, we did change our quality (in a good way) and will continue to - All for the benefit of our community!

Is Zuva still an Australian brand?

The founders of Zuva are Australian-born and remain in Sydney, Australia whilst growing the brand. 
Quick fun fact
Did you know that there are only two founders of Zuva. 

The founders footprint of inspiration… 

Growing up as locals, they knew what was missing in the apparel space, especially for men. Creating an athleisure range that offers unique designs and fitments is very different from what is currently being sold worldwide. 

Does Zuva have any physical stores? 
Zuva solely operates as an eCommerce/online store, however, does have major plans to stock all over Australia in the coming years, catering to locals who like to shop traditionally.

As an Australian company, the team at Zuva are extremely dedicated to crafting unique brand experiences for its community who value the world of athleisure.

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